Data security matters, but why?

If you use an ATS you probably store personal data on a hosted system. This ebook gives you an overview of data security, and what to look for when choosing an ATS vendor. Everyone talks about it but what does data security realy mean and how did it come into being? From storing the data through the general equal treatment act to order processing - Which paragraphs are important for the hiring process? Which aspects of data security are important to take care of when using a SaaS tool for recruitment and applicant tracking?

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"softgarden's eBooks are a real enrichment for us recruiter. For me and my colleagues they offer extensive expertise, which is always up to date. The contact to softgarden is very professional as well."

Vanessa Wrede | hmmh multimediahaus AG Vanessa Wrede

Head of Personnel Development | hmmh multimediahaus AG

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